Community Relations

At Coast Mountain Geological Ltd. (CMG) we understand that building foundations requires more than mineral elements, therefore we value the people, morale and healthy communities that are essential to our development and success. We are proud to be able to foster and support programs that improve the quality of life for all communities. To enquire about future programs or to learn more about our initiatives please email moc.oegniatnuomtsaocnull@ofni.


Since its formation in 2008, CMG has been a proud sponsor of the ‘Global Change for Children’ foundation which runs entirely on the assistance of volunteers and donates 100% of its net proceeds to children’s causes worldwide. If you would like to learn more about their programs or would like to help please visit Global Change For Children.


When working on an exploration project near a rural community in Durango, Mexico we learned that the kids in the area had no access to a school house, so we set out on a mission to not only build one but work with the local government to provide the kids with a teacher and year-round education.


Mining and exploration workers often come into contact with communities in which malaria is prevalent; although it’s a curable disease, it also leaves behind the  highest number of victims  when not detected and treated in time.  We first encountered the malaria epidemic while setting up camp in Guyana, and were immediately compelled to help stop its deadly cycle. In a combined effort with Vector Control Services and the Ministry of Public Health we were able to standardize a detection and treatment system in the area. We also helped establish a malaria health clinic which has played a continuous role in helping Guyana fight the battle against malaria.
For additional information see: Roll Back Malaria Initiative.


At the end of all programs CMG donates the left over food supplies to local food banks and charities.